After many applications and back-and-forth emails, you finally manage to place yourself among the top candidates to work for CoryxKenshin. You arrive at CoryxKenshin's apartment to prove yourself worthy to Cory to replace him during his hiatuses. What seems to just be a lengthy job interview turns out to be a horrid sight to behold as you realize Cory's true intentions.

The game's map is heavily based on Cory's old real-life apartment: 


W A S D - Move
Mouse - Look around
Shift - Sprint
E - Interact
Q - Drop Item
Left Click (While Holding Item) - Use item
Escape (In-Game) - Pause


* You might have to wait a few seconds for the audio to kick in as Unity WebGL is doing its thing. This isn't an issue in non-browser builds. *

For the best experience, download the game and play locally.

Please do not use the assets I created without my permission.

Please let me know of any feedback you have.

Thanks for playing!

- VDev

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Action, Strategy, Survival
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, Psychological Horror, storygame, Unity


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This game is awesome. Cory needs to play this game just to experience it. Amazing job! 

I Broke CoryxKenshin's ANKLES [Cory's Apartment] - YouTube
amazing game but the ankle breaker got his ankles broken

He's a square

It was fun and sometimes scary! Good Job!

Great job on the game!

Funny vid, the AI could've been better 🥲, thanks for playing!

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nice game! if i could play it lol, for some reason it would not let me pass the first time cory talks "when you open the door at the start" any way for me to fix this edit: im on the downloaded version

After Cory stops talking, did you click the arrow in the bottom right of the dialogue box? It means next dialogue, or if their is no dialogue left, it closes the dialogue menu.

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Broke corys ankles a few times 😂 good game

Funny vid, thanks for playing! I should've made the game less dark and improved the AI, sorry about that. Good luck on 1k subs!

good game i love the story and the artstyle of the game

but some criticisms from me is that 

i wish you could hold the flashlight as well as other objects/if the game was a little bit brighter (i had to up the exposure of the game in my editing software)

also the ai of corykenshin is really bad he doesn't even know where i am half the time unless im pretty much in front of him and even that doesn't work sometimes

and i wish i could throw the ball with more force in the basketball section

also getting the key at the end was really scuffed, why doesn't he have it on him the whole time/why not hide it in a cabinet or something? why does it magically spawn on him when he goes upstairs into the rooms?

but overall W game and keep developing💯

Thanks for playing. I appreciate the feedback! True, I should've made the flashlight an item that stayed with the player throughout the game. There are definite improvements that could be made to Cory's AI, noted. The key floating on him was actually a bug, the keys were actually on his ears once you spawn in his bedroom after the basketball game. I realize I definitely should have made this more obvious with an outline or more light. Again, thanks a lot for the feedback, I genuinely appreciate it. I wish you the best, good luck on YouTube!

rigged game tho on the basketball game how does he start scoring off the bat like what? change your game bro. 

Made me poop a little ngl

(1 edit)

Thanks for playing! I'll keep in mind how dark it was next time I make a game. Sorry about the bugs, wish you finished 💀

yo this game was actually pretty fire but :/ the basketball part was a bit irritating 


Funny vid, thanks for playing! I don't know how it let you skip to the basketball part when you didn't even make the sandwich 🤣 Wish you finished 💀


I'm a bout to play this hope its as scary as the games Cory plays

Good luck! Let me know how it went :)

This game was great and very funny!

Funny vid, thanks for playing! 🤣

i am about to play it honestly i hope its fun/scary i love cory so much.

Good luck! Let me know how it went :)

it was not bad a little buggy with cory when he chases you but that might just be my computer liked it alot and my viewers seemed to like it too

Thanks for the feedback!

This game was really really fun and I can't wait for the next video game you make

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Thanks for playing! Funny video man, you got jokes 🤣

As a Huge Cory fan this was amazing!! Keep up the great work, this game was incredible!! 

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Thanks for playing and thanks a lot! It seems like your video is private though :/ Edit: I can see it now :)

That's weird shows public for me.🤷‍♀️

I Played it and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope cory plays it

Funny video bro, thanks for playing! Wish you finished haha 💀 Btw, you didn't have to do all the tasks again from the start to get to the basketball part, there was a continue button on the main menu (the game has checkpoints at certain parts).


Awesome, I did not know.


I think it was a pretty cool short game especially for CoryxKenshin fans!!!💯


Thanks for playing bro, funny video. This is the buggiest playthrough I've seen so far, sorry about that 🤣 After you made Cory mad in the kitchen (first time making your burger) he was supposed to kill you there but it seems there was some detection issue in the code when in the kitchen.


Very funny experience XD. 10/10 

Thanks for playing! There is an options menu you might've missed. It is on the main menu and can also be accessed in game by hitting the "Escape" key. There, you can adjust options such as mouse sensitivity. Also, it seems you were playing on low quality instead of high, which can be changed in the options. Wish you finished haha 💀

(1 edit) (-1)

Where are the kitchen lights?

EDIT: Never mind, I'm bad at video games. Also, I found the switch!

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Good luck! Let me know how it went :)


cory on top 


This game was so strange yet weirdly captivating... Also, I'm bad at basketball.

LOL, thanks for playing!


coryxkenshin game I just had to play this he is the youtuber that inspired me to wanna become a YouTuber one day and here I am trying to complete my goal. he is a legend he is the goat he is over 9000 he is the best of the best he is the one person in the world that made me wanna do YouTube and hit 1 million subscribers one day and I will not rest until I achieve that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MARK MY WORDS I WILL HIT 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS EVEN IF IT KILLS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny vid bro, thanks for playing! Wish you finished the game haha. Good luck on your goal of 1 mil subs :)


Nice game good job
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Funny video! Thanks for playing, you didn't even end up finishing the game lol. By the way, adjusting the mouse sensitivity is in the options menu if you didn't catch that.

Oh thank youuu im probably going to try again thank you for watching my take on it

Good luck <3


This game was so funny but still scary lol

Really funny video! Thanks for playing, you didn't even end up finishing the game lol

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I played it and loved it, and would love to see and play more of your games

(1 edit)

Regarding the sound volume and mouse sensitivity, you could adjust those in the game options. Let's see what games I put out over the years, only time will tell. :) You were close to finishing, thanks for playing!

this game is fye. had fun playing this.

Thanks for playing :)


(2 edits)

Thanks for playing. I should've made the note on the starting room desk more noticeable, seems like you missed it.

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not bad of a game i give it a 7/10 

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Thanks for playing! Funny video!